What Are The Different Types Of Equipment For Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy-duty vehicles weigh over 6,000 pounds and include buses, bulldozers, transit trucks, tractors, and excavators, among many others. Thus, heavy-duty towing is the process of pulling such vehicles from accident scenes or during emergency breakdowns. Towing companies use different trucks and machinery to pull such vehicles successfully. The following are examples of equipment used for heavy-duty towing and their uses.  Forklifts  Heavy duty trucks carry huge loads that make towing difficult during accidents.

24/7 Emergency Towing Service: 3 Things You Should Never Do When Your Car Breaks Down

A vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere is one of the most inconvenient things, and it exposes you to harsh weather and leaves you vulnerable to carjacking and other mishaps. You should have the number of a reliable towing service operating close to the routes you frequently drive along. Additionally, you should learn a few dos and don'ts if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road.

Things To Seek Out In A Vehicle Jump Start Service

Having your vehicle's battery die can be startling, especially if this has never happened with your car before, or if you need to get somewhere quickly. There is always the option of hiring a company that offers vehicle jump start services. If you're going down this route, make sure you look for a couple of things in this service. Experienced Technicians Even though jumping a vehicle with a dead battery may seem pretty standard, there are important steps that need to be taken.

Auto Repair Tips For Squeaking Brakes

If your car's brakes are working great, they shouldn't make any noise. Whereas if you have some squeaking going on, chances are there is a problem that you need to fix before you have total brake failure. These auto repair tips will come in handy for this more common automotive issue. Lubricate the Pads with Grease  If your car's grease pads are experiencing more friction than normal, this could be the reason why you're hearing a bunch of squeaking when you apply the brakes.

Flatbed Towing: How It Works And Its Various Advantages

When it comes to towing cars that have broken down or been involved in a car accident, tow truck companies have a wide range of trucks they can use to get the job done. While the traditional hook and chain tow trucks use to be the first choice for towing applications, newer types of tow trucks are now available for tow truck operators. One of the most popular types of tow trucks used for car towing purposes nowadays is the flatbed tow truck.