Towing Service: 4 Things To Do When You Have A Damaged Windshield

A cracked windshield affects your field of vision, increasing safety risks on the road. Even if the pits seem small, vibrations when driving might make the cracks spread, putting you and other road users in danger. In that case, you'll need to seek mobile glass repair services or hire auto towing services to get the vehicle safely to an auto glass repair shop. The following are some things to do when you find your windshield shattered. 

1. Assess the Level of Damage 

Technicians repair mild damages to the windshield by applying a sealant between the cracks. The depth of the crack will also determine whether the damage can be repaired. If the cracks are too extensive, you'll have no choice but to replace the entire glass. Either way, you'll need to call the towing company to move your vehicle to the repair shop without causing more damage. If you aren't sure, consider calling your auto glass repair technician. Remember to provide a detailed description of the damage so that the towing service will know how best to handle the project. 

2. Avoid Further Damage 

As highlighted earlier, driving your vehicle with a cracked windshield only magnifies the damage. Therefore, it is best to wait for help from the towing company. The experts will fasten your vehicle to the tow truck to protect it from vibrations. They will also help you choose a suitable tow truck to avoid dragging your car, increasing the chances of causing further damage to the windshield. 

Before the towing experts arrive, consider parking your car away from the hot, sunny areas. This should prevent pressure difference, which puts stress on the glass, spreading the cracks. You should also avoid slamming the car doors to prevent the cracks from spreading. 

3. Contact Your Insurer 

Depending on the cause of the damaged windshield, your insurance might compensate you or pay for repair services. Generally, your insurer should pay for the repair expenses. Some may also cater to the towing expenses. Therefore, contact your insurer to report the incident. They might send you a towing truck or recommend a towing company near you for assistance. You will prevent further damage to the auto glass by working with specialists to deliver your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop.

4. Wait Patiently for the Tow Truck 

Resist the urge to continue driving with the damaged windshield. This could lead to accidents or traffic tickets. Towing companies operate 24/7 and will work with speed to locate you and your vehicle. There's no need to risk when you have a towing truck on the way to your rescue. 

A windshield in good shape helps reduce the chances of an accident. Consider working with a towing service and applying these tips to protect your car. You'll enjoy fast, professional, and convenient services.