What Are The Different Types Of Equipment For Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy-duty vehicles weigh over 6,000 pounds and include buses, bulldozers, transit trucks, tractors, and excavators, among many others. Thus, heavy-duty towing is the process of pulling such vehicles from accident scenes or during emergency breakdowns. Towing companies use different trucks and machinery to pull such vehicles successfully. The following are examples of equipment used for heavy-duty towing and their uses. 


Heavy duty trucks carry huge loads that make towing difficult during accidents. To help overcome the problem, towing companies use forklifts to offload items from the stuck truck and reload them to another trailer. Using forklifts hastens the towing process enabling you to get out of a complex situation in minimal time. It also helps minimize delays and consumer complaints when delivering goods. Thus, before employing the services of a towing company for your heavy-duty vehicles, ensure they have lifting equipment such as forklifts to ensure a faster and safe way of handling goods during breakdowns. 

Double-Drop Trailers 

Also known as lowboy trailers, they form two drops on a heavy-duty duty towing fleet and are suitable for transporting oversize equipment that exceeds overweight regulations. The first drop is before the wheels, whereas the second one is behind the necks giving the trailer an overall design that makes it sit extremely low on the ground compared to conventional towing trucks. That results in a drop in height that ensures convenient movement of oversized equipment like bulldozers and excavators through underground tunnels without causing accidents or violating overweight rules. 

Heavy-Duty Wreckers

Wreckers are the main equipment every towing company should have to effectively pull your heavy-duty vehicle when stuck or during accidents and breakdowns. They have components such as winches, hooks, and tow straps that enable them to perform their functions. When dealing with huge vehicles such as excavators and container trucks, towing companies use wreckers with larger hooks, stronger tow straps, and heavier hydraulic winches. Such features give the towing truck additional strength to withstand your vehicle's weight and successfully pull it without straining or causing another accident. 

Rotator Tow-Trucks

Rotator tow trucks are crucial equipment for heavy-duty towing. Towing companies use them due to several reasons. First, they have a crane-like moving arm that allows them to pull large vehicles out of tight spaces. Second, they have a larger weight lifting capacity and can quickly pull and enable transportation of heavy trucks. Lastly, they can perform all the winching movements that conventional tow trucks perform. 

Take Away 

There are many types of trucks and machinery that towing companies use to conduct their operations effectively. Suppose you own a heavy-duty vehicle such as a bus, lorry, or construction machinery. In that case, request the services of a professional heavy-duty towing company to solve accidents and breakdown situations quickly.

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