What To Do If Auto Insurance Doesn't Cover Towing

Once the adrenaline from being in a car accident ebbs away and you've exchanged insurance information with the other driver, one of your practical concerns will be getting your vehicle towed to your home or an auto body shop if it's not in a drivable condition. However, this may be challenging to do if towing is not included with your insurance policy and you don't have the cash to pay for it out of pocket.

What You Need To Know When Hooking A Vehicle Up To A Tow Truck

Calling for a tow truck can be an extremely stressful experience when your car breaks down. There are certain things that you need to know when a tow truck driver begins to hook up your car for towing. If a car is hooked up improperly it can cause severe damage to your vehicle, such as throwing off the alignment or damaging the frame of the vehicle. A tow truck driver will be trained and experienced in hooking cars up properly.

When In A Ditch, A Towing Company Is The Answer

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle stuck in a ditch. Whether it happened because you slid on a wet road or you took your eyes off the road, landing in a ditch can impede on your progress of getting anywhere. In an effort to save money, your first thought may be to call a friend who has some ties and a heavy duty vehicle to pull you out, but this could only cause more issues.

Main Types Of Towing Equipment

When you call up a tow truck, they are going to use specialized equipment to move your vehicle. Understanding the primary types of towing equipment that tow companies use to move vehicles will help you understand the towing process in better detail if you ever need a tow truck from a company like Kingsway Towing Group. Slide The slide referees to the bed of a tow truck that uses hydraulics in order to slide down to ground level, where your vehicle is then pulled onto the slide with a winch.

How To Stay Safe During A Roadside Emergency

Roadside emergencies happen all of the time, so are you prepared for the unfortunate event when it happens? What do you do when your car breaks down, you are in a minor accident or you get a flat tire? Below, you will learn how to stay safe and reduce your risks of causing accidents and getting injured while dealing with a roadside emergency: Get Off the Road You have got to do your best to get your car as far off of the road as possible.