Heavy-Duty Towing Services — How To Find The Right Company For A Semi-Truck That Breaks Down

If you have a semi-truck that suddenly breaks down, it may need to be towed to a repair shop. Since this vehicle weighs so much, it requires heavy-duty towing services. To find the right company that offers them, take these steps.

Find Out How Quickly a Towing Company Can Respond   

If you break down in your semi-truck while on a job, then your number one priority may be to get your rig fixed quickly. You can then resume the gig and have no major fallout from said breakdown. In that case, find out how long it will take different towing companies to respond.

This may depend on the available tow trucks they have and the current jobs they're working on. Just keep asking around until you find a towing company that can provide an immediate response. You can then look forward to quick repairs that help you continue to do what you love.

Focus on the Right Class of Tow Trucks 

Tow trucks can vary in class and this affects the total weight they can support. You thus need to make sure you have your sights set on the right tow truck class so that you can get your semi-truck towed to a shop without any problems getting in the way.

First, you need to find out the exact weight of your semi-truck. You'll then use this information to see if different towing companies have tow trucks that can support all of this weight safely. 

Seek Out 24-7 Services if You Break Down at Night

If your semi-truck breaks down at night, you probably still want to head to a repair shop. This way, you don't have to spend the night around an area that you may not be familiar with or feel safe around. 

For a breakdown that happens at night, make sure you find a heavy-duty towing company that offers 24-7 services. They have the ability to pick you and your rig up even if it's late. Their tow truck drivers are trained for this type of emergency response, so they'll arrive refreshed and ready to help you manage this stressful situation.

Whatever type of semi-truck you drive for a living, it may give you issues that you can't fix after a breakdown. In this case, you may need to use heavy-duty towing services. They'll work out in your favor if you make an effort to find a skilled and experienced towing company.   

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