Auto Repair Tips For Squeaking Brakes

If your car's brakes are working great, they shouldn't make any noise. Whereas if you have some squeaking going on, chances are there is a problem that you need to fix before you have total brake failure. These auto repair tips will come in handy for this more common automotive issue.

Lubricate the Pads with Grease 

If your car's grease pads are experiencing more friction than normal, this could be the reason why you're hearing a bunch of squeaking when you apply the brakes. Some motorists don't realize this and think they have to replace their pads entirely. That's not true at all, fortunately.

You'll just need to get the approved grease solution and apply it around points where the pads contact the caliper piston. You don't want grease getting into the rotors because that could cause them to fail entirely and then you would have to deal with a more expensive repair process.

Consider Tightening Them

If lubrication isn't the problem with the brake pads in terms of squeaking sounds, then it could be the fact that your pads or calipers have loosened. That's creating room for extra movement and thus extra noise to happen when you apply the brakes. 

A simple solution would be to tighten these components. You just want to make sure you have experience working with these components because you don't want to tighten them too much to where they break down shortly after this repair. If you're out of your depth, hire an auto mechanic.

Replace the Brake Pads Completely

If it is the brake pads that are causing your car to squeak and lubricating them doesn't do the trick, then you may need to have them replaced completely. There are some telltale signs that indicate a brake pad replacement is in order. One of the easiest is excessive wear.

If your pads have worn down to a certain point where squeaking is constant when using the brakes, then you need to find a replacement. Manufacturers make brake pads to create this noise so that you know to have them inspected and potentially replaced. All you need to do is respond before your pads erode too much.

There may be a time when your car starts to squeak when you use the brakes. If you don't ignore this problem and instead troubleshoot different solutions, you can keep your car safe to drive wherever you go.