What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down at Night

It's normal to have your car break down, but no one wants to deal with car problems at night. Unfortunately, you can't tell the specific time your car will break down. But does that mean you should panic if it happens at night? No. You should handle the situation the same way you'd handle it during the day, but with a little bit of caution.

If your car ever breaks down at night, here are a few things you can do to stay safe and get out of the situation.

Park in a Safe Position 

Most drivers make the mistake of leaving their car on the road instead of moving it to the side. Remember, other motorists are using the road, and they might ram into your car, especially if you haven't turned on the hazard lights. Now imagine if you're still seated in your car, and someone rams your car. That would be a double tragedy, right?

If you're in a position to move your car, park it in a petrol station, a well-lit area, or by the roadside. Don't forget to turn on the hazard lights or light some flares if you have them in your emergency kit.

Call a Tow Truck Company

Once you have moved the car to a safe position, you should call the nearest towing service. Most companies provide 24-hour auto towing services, meaning they're ready to help you as soon as you give them a call.

If the tow truck driver and his assistant can fix the problem, they'll gladly do it. However, if the problem needs to be addressed by a mechanic, they'll tow your vehicle to a garage or safe location. Make sure you stay in touch with the towing company until the tow truck arrives.

Share Your Location with a Loved One or the Police

As you continue to wait for the tow truck to arrive, call your spouse, friends, or family members and let them know about your whereabouts. You can even have one of your friends come and wait with you if they're comfortable doing so. The other option is to call the police and inform them about your location and your situation. It's always good to take this precaution if you aren't armed and feel vulnerable. 

There you have it! Make sure you follow the above advice whenever you find yourself in such a risky situation. Don't allow fear to kick in, as you need to stay strong and alert until help comes your way.