Do You Need A Cheap Towing Company For A Broken Down Car? What To Know Now

If your car is broken down in a parking lot and you have to find the cheapest tow because you are working with a tight budget, there are things to know. There are ways to save money on a tow and to protect yourself and your vehicle.

You first need to notify the property owner or the parking lot attendants to let them know of the situation, and that you are working to get the vehicle towed. This way they do not have the vehicle towed, resulting in a towing fee and potentially an impound fee. After that do these things.

Remove Your Valuables

Even if you lock the doors, remove anything that you fear could get stolen. This could be anything from clothes in the back seat to accessories you have or even personal details from paperwork in the glove compartment. Take it all with you to reduce the risk that someone sees items in the vehicle and wants to break inside.

Call Your Auto Insurance Provider

Look at the details of your auto insurance policy carefully. Ask if there is a free tow, or what the extra cost is each month for towing. If the cost isn't much, it may be financially beneficial to add that coverage then to pay full price for a tow.

Some companies have good driving credit points and bonus rewards for those with no claim, which can be claimed with towing discounts. Get all the details before picking a towing company.

Ask Each Company About Cost Discounts

For each towing company you call, you want to ask several questions. Find out what each company charges:

  • Per hour
  • For distance or mileage
  • For the type of vehicle

Once you know what the cost will be to get your vehicle removed from the parking lot and taken to the repair shop or to your home, ask if they have discounts. If you are a student, served in the military, or there are other reasons you think you may qualify for a discount, ask.

There may even be ads in local newspapers or online that show coupons for discount vehicle towing services, so take the time to look around and ask each service professional when you call if they have any coupons or promotions going on. This way you can determine if you should track down the savings information, or they may just apply it for you without having to show the coupon.