Calling For A Tow? Three Pieces Of Information That You Should Always Be Sure To Tell An Auto Towing Service

When you are calling an auto towing service to come and tow your car, it is important to relay important pieces of information to the dispatcher. While most tow companies will ask these questions, there are times where they may get busy and forget to ask. Being ready to answer the question or provide them with this information can help both you and the tow truck driver. Here are three pieces of information you should always convey when calling for an auto towing service. 

If You Need an Immediate Tow

If you are calling an auto towing service, you likely want your vehicle towed as quickly as possible. However, there is a difference between wanting your car towed and needing an immediate tow. If your car is blocking the flow of traffic or if you are in an unsafe area and it is dark outside, you may need an immediate tow. Let a dispatcher know if you need an immediate tow to ensure that they have a driver available to help you immediately. If you do not provide them this information, you may need to wait your turn for a tow truck, which can take some type. 

What Type of Drive System Your Vehicle Has

Another important piece of information that you should convey to a dispatcher when calling for a tow truck is what type of drive system your vehicle has. The type of drive system, such as all wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, can affect the type of tow truck that needs to be used. All wheel drive cars should be towed on a flat bed truck, rather than a hook and chain or wheel-lift tow truck. If any of the tires are dragging, the drive train can be damaged. Front wheel and rear wheel also affects how the driver should hook and connect your car to a wheel-lift or hook and chain tow truck. 

If Your Car Is Somewhere Other Than a Flat Surface

The final piece of information that you should tell an auto towing service is if your car is not on a flat, stable surface, such as a road or parking lot. If your car is in a ditch or down an embankment, the tow truck service may need to use tools, such as a winch, to get your vehicle out. Letting them know this helps to ensure they send a driver equipped with the right equipment to your location. 

An auto towing service is there to help you when your car is not able to operate on your own. Providing a dispatcher with the above information can help to ensure that the company can best meet your needs and help you out as quickly as possible.