What To Do When Waiting For A Tow Truck

When you have to call a tow truck service because your vehicle is not safe to drive, it is important to know what to do while you wait.

#1 Call The Authorities

When you are involved in an accident, make sure to call 911. You should make this call even if you were involved in a single-car accident. There could still be property damage that occurred, and the authorities should still be notified.

Calling 911 allows the authorities to respond. It allows an outside party to observe what happened and document what happened. You will also be provided with a case number for your accident from the police. Your insurance company is going to want all that information.

#2 Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Somewhere Safe

Next, after an accident, you need to make sure that your vehicle is somewhere safe. If you can still drive your vehicle safely, move your vehicle out of traffic if you can. Moving your vehicle out of traffic will allow other vehicles to continue driving.

However, if your vehicle is badly damaged, you should not move it. Do not put your safety at risk. Instead, make sure that your vehicle is as visible as possible to other nearby vehicles. Put on the hazard lights so your vehicle stands out. If you have any flares in your vehicle, activate them and put them around your vehicle. If you have some orange warning triangles, put those out as well. Try to make your vehicle as visible as possible to oncoming traffic so another accident doesn't occur.

#3 Take Out Your Valuables

If you know your vehicle needs a tow, you are going to want to remove any valuables from your vehicle that you don't want to leave in there. Gather your valuables together so that you can easily grab them out of your car and take them with you when the tow truck driver arrives.

#4 Wait Somewhere Safe

Finally, wait somewhere safe. That may be in your car if your vehicle broke down on a busy road or somewhere without much of a shoulder. Or it may be somewhere else nearby, such as a nearby gas station or store. Just make sure that you are somewhere warm and safe, where you will not get hurt or injured.

When waiting for a tow truck, if you have been in an accident, you need to call the authorities as well. You need to make sure your vehicle is located somewhere safe, and if it is not somewhere safe, that it is as visible to other drivers as possible. Get your valuables ready to take out of your vehicle and wait somewhere safe for the tow truck.