Constantly Locking Keys in Car? 2 Tips to Help You

Constantly locking your keys in your car can be frustrating. This is especially true if you lock yourself out when you are far from home or other establishments. No matter where you are, here are three tips to help you so you can get back on the road quicker.

Purchase Spare Keys

You will likely get two sets of keys when you purchase your car if you purchase it at a dealership. If you did not purchase your car at a dealership and so did not receive spare keys, you should buy at least one extra. It can help, however, to purchase at least two extra sets of spare keys. Keep one key in your purse or wallet so it is with you. Also leave a spare key in your home, such as hanging on a hook. If you do not have a place for it, install a hook on the inside of a cabinet door to hang the keys on. This way the keys are not seen by people visiting your home.

There are places to keep a spare key outside. Instead of the usual places, such as under a doormat, there are other ways to hide a key. One way to do this is to put the key behind your car's license plate. Simply place the key behind the plate and match up the hole in the key with the hole on the license plate. Place a bolt through both holes and screw it until the bolt and key are tight together. This will work well if you are at home when you lock yourself out at home and have tools available. Or you can purchase a fake brick or rock that has an insert. Place the key into the insert and put the rock near other rocks so it blends in.

Contact Car Lockout Service

Make sure you have the number of a local car lockout service in your smartphone. This way you can call this service if you lock your keys in your car. The service will send someone out to you so you can get on your way. They will come to you quickly no matter where you are, but especially if you are in a remote area or if it is dark outside. Tell them if you are alone, because this makes your predicament much more dangerous.

Your insurance company may cover the charges of a car lockout service. If so, report the claim to your insurance company quickly. If you contact the insurance company first, they may contact a car lockout service that they prefer you to use. This way you will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket for the service. Your insurance company may cover everything, but this depends on your policy.

If you have additional questions, a car lockout service can give you more information.