Safety Tips For Trying To Tow A Vehicle In A Hostile Environment

When you work as a tow truck driver, many of your clients will be happy to see you. Even though a motorist will be upset about a flat tire or automotive breakdown, he or she will be relieved when you pull onto the scene to lend a hand. This isn't always the case, however. If your towing company frequently partners with repossession companies, you may find yourself visiting various locations to tow vehicles whose owners are behind on payments. This can be a hostile situation, so it's important that you make your safety a top priority. Here are some tips to use.

Find Out A Low-Risk Time

Often, a repossession company will know a lot about the person who is behind on vehicle payments, thanks to its frequent investigations and surveillance of the person. It's useful to ask if the person has any habits — namely, when he or she might not be around the vehicle. For example, if the person carpools to work with a colleague and the vehicle is left alone during regular business hours, this can be a safe time for you to arrive and tow the vehicle away, rather than showing up and attempting to do so when the person might be around.

Don't Escalate The Situation

It's easy to get frustrated when one person or a crowd of people attempt to get in the way of you doing your job. While it's OK to get out of the vehicle and show your repossession paperwork to the owner of the vehicle, you should take care to avoid escalating the situation. This can especially be important if someone attempts to dissuade you from doing your job by throwing something at your tow truck or hitting it. Responding aggressively will escalate the situation. If your property has been damaged, call the police from the safety of your vehicle to report the incident.

Know When To Drive Away

It's entirely possible that you'll encounter a hostile environment in which your safety will be at risk if you attempt to leave with the vehicle. Even if you're legally in the right to do so, the owner could be combative and perhaps even get neighbors, friends, and family members to join him or her. Part of your aptitude as a tow truck driver needs to be to assess the situation. You want to get the vehicle so that you can get paid, but you can't jeopardize your safety by continuing to attempt to tow the vehicle.