3 Steps To Follow If Your Large Pickup Breaks Down On A Busy Highway

That large pickup truck has been good to you, but there could easily come a day when you will have to have it towed. Even though smaller trucks can easily be towed by a regular tow truck, sometimes these larger vehicles can be a bigger ordeal to handle when you break down–especially if you break down on a busy highway. If the day comes when your oversized pickup truck leaves you stranded and in need of a tow, it is important that you know what to do. Take a look at these three steps to follow if you break down on a busy highway in a large pickup truck. 

Try to get the truck off of the highway as far as you can. 

Even though most main highways will have a pretty good sized shoulder for vehicles to pull off if they break down or get in an accident, these shoulder sizes may not always be wide enough to fully accommodate a very large truck. To ensure you don't leave your vehicle and yourself in harm's way, you may have to pull part of your vehicle off the shoulder and onto the ground. If this is not possible, do everything you can to keep your vehicle visible by leaving on your headlights and turning on your emergency flashers. 

Let the dispatcher know the size of your vehicle when you call in for a tow. 

Because your vehicle is larger than most, it may not be safe for towing by a regular tow truck. In fact, larger vehicles often have to be loaded onto a flatbed towing vehicle. because of this fact, it is crucial that you let the dispatcher know when you call that you have a larger truck that needs to be towed so they can get the right equipment out to get you. 

Try to get help for whatever you are hauling from someone else. 

When you drive a larger vehicle, there is a good chance you will be hauling something or even pulling along a trailer, camping trailer, or boat. While some truck towing services can handle this extra heft and equipment that you have attached to your vehicle, many will not and will ask that you have someone come and get your trailer or other items. As an added point to remember, even if whatever you are hauling with your truck can be towed, there will likely be additional fees to consider. Therefore, it is usually a better choice to have someone come pick up your hauled items.

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