When In A Ditch, A Towing Company Is The Answer

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle stuck in a ditch. Whether it happened because you slid on a wet road or you took your eyes off the road, landing in a ditch can impede on your progress of getting anywhere. In an effort to save money, your first thought may be to call a friend who has some ties and a heavy duty vehicle to pull you out, but this could only cause more issues. If you really want to get your vehicle out of a ditch with as little damage as possible, your local towing company is the solution for many reasons. Here are some reasons why you should stick with a towing company to get your vehicle out of the ditch. 

Much Safer

When someone pulls up to your vehicle offering to help get you out of the ditch, chances are they have a rope or chain to pull your vehicle out using their vehicle. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of pressure on the pulley being used when they drive their vehicle away from yours. Since you don't have any idea how reliable the pulley is, it could snap or break at any moment with tons of force behind it. This could end up hitting a vehicle or person as it snaps. When you call a towing company, you can expect them to use a winch. A winch is a mechanical device that is used to adjust the tension on a cable to help pull large objects. This device is made to pull objects and isn't prone to snapping like a rope would be. 

Insurance Coverage

Nowadays, your vehicle's insurance coverage will come with roadside assistance. This will often cover all or some of the cost of towing services, should you find yourself stuck in a ditch. If your vehicle is damaged due to the towing, your insurance will help cover this expense. Should you choose to have it pulled out by a friend or good samaritan and your vehicle gets damaged, the insurance company will likely buck at covering the damage. This is why it is important to use an authorized towing company to help get you out of the ditch. 

Damage Incurred

When you do end up in a ditch, it is not uncommon to do some damage to the bottom of the vehicle and other areas. When a tow driver helps get you out of the ditch, they will inspect the vehicle at your request to ensure that it is safe to drive. When you choose to handle pulling your vehicle out of the ditch yourself, you can't be sure that other damage has not been done to the vehicle.

Avoid jumping through insurance hoops and incurring needless damage to your vehicle--talk to companies like Standish Towing & Recovery Ltd to receive reliable emergency towing services.