Main Types Of Towing Equipment

When you call up a tow truck, they are going to use specialized equipment to move your vehicle. Understanding the primary types of towing equipment that tow companies use to move vehicles will help you understand the towing process in better detail if you ever need a tow truck from a company like Kingsway Towing Group.


The slide referees to the bed of a tow truck that uses hydraulics in order to slide down to ground level, where your vehicle is then pulled onto the slide with a winch. Then, your vehicle is pulled up the slide onto the back of your tow truck.

Wheel Lift

Wheel lifts are frequently used to move vehicles. A wheel lift has a long steel bar that goes from the tow truck to the vehicle being towed. Across the bottom, there is straight bar that attaches to the front tires of the vehicle being towed. The front wheels are generally suspended in the air while being towed.

Belt Lift

A belt lift is an old school way of towing a vehicle. It is essentially a long loop of chains that is attached to the axle of the vehicle that is being towed. This type of lift has fallen out of style though because belt lifts can cause damage to the axle of the towed vehicle and it can also scratch up the towed vehicle's bumper as well. Due to the potential damage that a belt lift can cause to the vehicle being towed, most tow companies don't use this option that often.


If you find your vehicle in a ditch, there is a good chance that a two truck will use a boom to recover your vehicle. A boom is a piece of equipment that a tow driver can attach to your vehicle and use to haul it out of a steep embankment. Booms are not only used on tow trucks; they are also used on other pieces of construction equipment to move materials around touch to reach areas.

Quick Pick

Quick pick uses a combination for a boom and a wheel lift to get your vehicle out of a tough spot and then attach it to the tow truck. This is basically a combination piece of equipment that allows the towing company to get more done with one simple piece of equipment.

When your vehicle is being towed, be sure to ask what type of towing equipment will be used to move your vehicle. This will help you better understand what is happening to your vehicle as it is being towed.