Flatbed Towing: How It Works And Its Various Advantages

When it comes to towing cars that have broken down or been involved in a car accident, tow truck companies have a wide range of trucks they can use to get the job done. While the traditional hook and chain tow trucks use to be the first choice for towing applications, newer types of tow trucks are now available for tow truck operators.

One of the most popular types of tow trucks used for car towing purposes nowadays is the flatbed tow truck. Before you consider using one for your car towing application, read on to understand how it works and the various benefits it brings.

How Flatbed Tow Trucks Work

If you've ever seen an entire vehicle being transported on a flatbed tow truck instead of being towed behind with its tires on the ground, you might be curious to know how the tow truck operators put it up there. 

As the name indicates, flatbed tow trucks have a large flatbed in the rear that holds the vehicle being transported. The bed can be tilted at an angle to allow for easier loading of a vehicle onto it.

Flatbed trucks also have a hydraulic pulley system that they use to secure the load onto the bed of the tow vehicles. As with regular hook and chain trucks, flatbed towing requires using chains and a hook for load securement.

The Advantages Of Flatbed Towing

Towing cars with flatbed tow trucks offers a number of benefits to car owners and tow truck operators alike. Some common reasons to use a flatbed tow truck include:

  • Minimal Damage to Towed Vehicles: Since cars are transported while in neutral and without the tires touching the ground, further damage to the transmission, wheels, and tires of the vehicle can be avoided. This helps to keep vehicle repair expenses as low as possible.
  • Increased Safety During Vehicle Transport: With the inoperative vehicle properly secured at the back of the tow truck, there is minimal risk of it coming loose and causing an accident or collision. If anything is loose, it's much easier to spot and secure it when towing with a flatbed tow truck compared to trucks that pull the towed vehicle behind them.

While all towing truck methods bear some risks, flatbed towing is a godsend for many tow truck operators. If you ever find yourself in a situation that warrants the services of a tow truck company, never hesitate to contact them for assistance.